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Join My Village

Brainstorm with me
on upcoming P&P variation stories.

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     I hope you enjoyed reading my first novel as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Doubt Not, Cousin was not a solo effort.

     In Turkish, the word for village is köy, as in "It takes a village to raise a child."

     I’m incredibly grateful to be part of the JAFF köy and call many a friend.

     I’m extremely grateful to the Meryton Press creative and editorial team: Ellen Pickels, Janet Taylor, and Don Jacobson.

     This endeavor would not have been possible without the patience and collaboration of Cherith Boardman, Christin Sprenger, Elin Ericksen, Izabel March, Karen O’Callaghan, Maple Steely, Riana Everly, Sophia Lykke Illner Thorsen, Summer Hanford, Tina Jockin, and Wendy Luther Moreira.

     I am deeply indebted to two exceptional individuals: Kimbelle Pease and Tasha Barefield. You provided the diamond polishing to this rock of a manuscript. Thank you again and again.

     All errors are solely mine.

     So, to my new and hopefully continuous reading audience, I thankyou for your time.

                                                        ... with my compliments
  Barry S. Richman

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