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Doubt Not Cousin
as narrated by Barry S. Richman
Wickham Negotiation

Doubt Not, Cousin

as narrated by Barry S. Richman

The Duel

Chalk Farm, Yorkshire, June 1782

Two gentlemen stood back-to-back, the pistols in their hands pointed skyward. Upon hearing the command, they would move to their marks—two stakes pushed into the ground five yards away. Ten yards to their flanks stood their seconds, a surgeon, a priest, and the Master of the Field...

Introducing Theodosia Cavendish
as narrated by Barry S. Richman

Canterbury, January 3, 1782

Thea Cavendish sat in the parlor with her mother. The conference was being held to air Thea's defense of her upcoming betrothal to a sixty-year-old man.

"Thea, I cannot agree with this decision. You are not yet seventeen! It is unnatural. You are not without means, dear," her mother begged. "I implore you not to waste yourself on a man old enough to be your grandfather."

Thea refrained from sighing, as it would be rude, and she was fond of her mother. Since her father's accidental death, the dowager marchioness had become overly-protective...

Thomas & Franny Bennet
as narrated by Barry S. Richman
A small snippet of our patriarch and his wife sharing alone time in his study.

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