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"Darkness, in many forms, must be conquered
to emerge into the light and embrace one’s happily ever after."

Fitzwilliam Darcy. Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam.
Two cousins, closer than brothers.
One finds love despite his inner demons; the other resists love because of them.

Elizabeth Bennet. Kitty Bennet.
Two sisters, strengthened by adversity.
One willingly yields to love; the other pridefully misinterprets it.

An epic saga steeped in intrigue and gift-wrapped in romance,

Doubt Not, Cousin is the depiction of the trials and tribulations of

three extraordinary families of England’s Regency era.

... But who is the girl with the violet eyes?

5.5 x 8.5 in copy 7(2).png

A first glance. You feel envy--the resentful longing she arouses in you.

Look again and stare. It is now jealousy—the resentment of her as you are suspicious of her escort.

Walk away. You obsess—she is continually on your mind; her person preoccupies your thoughts.

Smolder in your study. Obsess over her. These thoughts are foolish. They are irrational. Insane!


What is the point where envy, jealousy, obsession, and irrationality converge?


Not what, but who?


Meet the most notorious femme fatale of England’s Regency Era,   The Scarred Duchess.

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